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Founded in 1995, Telrose Corporation is an innovative, entrepreneurial service company in the Philadelphia region. Our business grew as a result of our ability to be creative, affordable, adaptable and reliable. As we expanded, we continued to pay attention to the smallest details of our customers’ business needs. As a result, we became more resourceful and competitive in our offerings to customers.

Rapidly, our team of trained professionals can handle all of your office needs. From excellent customer service to competitively priced office supplies, equipment and furniture backed by Office Depot, Telrose Corporation delivers for you.

After the sale, our attention to your unique business needs doesn’t stop there. We work closely with you throughout the entire process. For example, we offer client advisory sessions and create custom solutions to meet your specific organizational needs. In addition, our unparalleled customer support program is designed specifically to deliver expert service and solutions - before and after the sale

We truly recognize and value our customers, so we work hard to satisfy your changing needs. For example, in response to customer demand, Telrose Corporation proudly announces our new “Green Workspace” initiative, an innovative office supply program tailored to companies interested in LEED certification or green industry compliance.

Working with Telrose Corporation and Office Depot, our customers get the best of both worlds. The product depth and knowledge offered by an industry leader in every distribution channel, combined with the agility and attentiveness of a mid-size customer-centered service company, gives your organization the competitive edge in today’s fast-changing business environment.

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